July 13, 2009

Taking up the Gauntlet

Ok, so I have received 4 challenges from two readers, and am going to TRY and do as many of these as possible, but I'm picking two to start plus two of my own and we'll see what progress can be made in the way of tackling these this week!

Here are the two reader challenges:

  • I'm sure you could find a coupon for this - go to a museum or some other cultural activity!

  • Dinner for four: a three course meal- appetizer, entree (with at least some type of meat, not necessarily as the main dish), and dessert (not ice cream cake).
And the two challenges from myself are:
  • Throw a smallish party.

  • Get a pedicure...from a salon!
I'll be tackling these concurrently, but they'll be well defined so you will know what you're reading about. I also plan to have a little contest in the next couple of days. Charge up those digital camera batteries and be prepared to share...


Marianna said...

Does this count? We watched promotions at our local AAA ballpark (a STL Cardinals club team) and were able to donate 5 pcs of used clothing per family member on Wednesday night to the Salvation Army in exchange for free tickets to the game, free hot dogs and drinks all around. Family of FIVE had a night of entertainment totally FREE. How's that? Not a coupon, but an offer.

Also, there are a lot of local web sites that allow you to buy 1/2 price gift certificates to local restaurants so you eat half price. In addition, like you found out this week - tweeting at certain businesses with valuable information or spreading a little Twitter love about them (especially on days like #followfriday) sometimes returns love back to you in the form of free stuff or coupons.

clippedblog said...

Marianna - YES! Free stuff counts in my game :-D Because if it's free, you're not spending money, so you don't need a coupon. The coupon is only necessary when monetary transactions for goods or services (doctors excluded) occurs! What a great promotion. I should see if the G'ville Drive has something like this planned!

As for the gift certificates: restaurants.com regularly has coupon codes to get up to 80% off their restaurant gift certificates. So, I could buy a gift certificate, but couldn't use it because I would have to spend whatever amount above the certificate value in order to use it, and I haven't found a restaurant that will take it in conjunction with a coupon!

I'm still just a little fluffy chick in the twitter world, but I am learning fast. Thanks so much for the tips!