July 15, 2009

All's Fare...

Today I stopped by to see our favorite farmers - Chad and Amy Bishop from Greenbrier Farms - at their weekly Wednesday stop at Scratch on Augusta Road and let them know the reason why we weren't going to be getting any of their delicious meat or vegetables for a couple of weeks. Amy was very sweet and tried to help me brainstorm some recipe ideas for my 9,999,999 tiny tomatoes and 9,999,998 cucumbers, but - as are most people when they find out what I'm doing - was a little concerned about the lack of veg in my diet for the next few weeks. While I am hoping to make up in frozen veg what I lack in fresh, I was once again handed a gift from the heavens when I checked Clipped Blog's Twitter Page and found this Tweet from a local healthy supermarket chain, Earth Fare:

#EarthFare Tweebie for Friday! 10% off your entire produce pu... on Twitpic

Ladies and gentlemen: We have a coupon for produce! It's really tiny, but on Friday, I can get 10% my entire produce purchase!! If you don't think I'm going to go in there on Friday and buy all the fresh produce that I can stuff myself with over the weekend, then you are out of your mind. I'm having salads for breakfast, that's how ready I am for something crisp and green and leafy!!

So I highly suggest that if you have an EarthFare near you, or another local healthy supermarket, that you seek them out on Twitter. You never know what kind of awesome tweets could show up in your nest!

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