July 21, 2009

Blame it on the baby brain

So I get to my parents' house yesterday and once we are settled in, I check out the Sunday paper my mom bought for me. It seemed a bit thin, but I could see the circulars sticking out and dove right in searching for the coupons.

Only, there weren't any.

Not even in the weekly Hobby Lobby ad, which generally boasts a 40% off coupon for a single item.

I was shocked. As far as I could remember, this area's newspaper has always had the coupon supplement.

But maybe that's the problem; I'm relying on my memory, which failed me multiple times yesterday, the worst failure being not remembering to grab the power cords for both my phone and laptop. Luckily I have a charger for my phone in the car. But it is not helpful in the least for helping me to upload all your pantry photos or blog faster than my thumbs can type.

And just when I have a mystery to solve!

I'm calling the paper today to find out what's up and will hopefully get the chance to blog from the parents' pc later today.

But for now, I'm going to enjoy a rare childless moment with my iced latte and free cinnamon roll from Starbucks, who doesn't even know it's playing into the research for a future post.

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RosieLayne said...

I am really looking forward to what you find out. I have noticed over the last six months of couponing that at least one week during the month there are very few coupons in the paper. And it is usually the week that I get the free paper AND I go ahead and buy the Sunday paper... which would be the optimus prime time to load up on great coupons, except there just aren't very many. Can't wait to see what your sleuthing uncovers!!!!