July 19, 2009

Nobody wants to buy the cow...

I'm going to pretend like everyone out there who reads has been super busy and intends on taking their photos of their pantries tonight and emailing them to me at clippedblog@gmail.com sometime this evening. Because it is TOO CRAZY to think that no one wants a prize just for showing off their beautiful pantries and/or cabinets!

To those of you who have sent in a picture already, thanks! I promise that - even though your prize will be purchased with a coupon - it will good!

I just don't do things unless I think they're good!

clippedblog@gmail.com! Pictures, pictures!

And let me know if you actually are really busy and would like to see an extension put on the contest. I'm flexible!


Tiana said...

I'm interested in this contest but... I'd have to get my CAMREA and then GO DOWNSTAIRS ugh

You know?

Plus, can you even buy stamps with coupons? Or is it pick up only?

clippedblog said...

Well, I definitely would not want you to overexert yourself ;-)

But: You bring up a good point about the shipping of the prize that I hadn't thought of. Luckily, the experiment is only slated to go for 2.5 more weeks, so if it were big enough to warrant more than the stamps I have for shipping, I could just wait!

KuryKidsMommy said...

You got my pantry picture,right?!? I am all about participating in this experiment!